SceneCity is a standard Blender addon, you install it normally.

Get the addon

  1. Buy the addon from Gumroad
  2. Then download the corresponding zip file, do not extract it. You will just install it in Blender as it is.

Install it

  1. Open Blender’s User Preferences, from the Edit menu, then click on the Add-ons tab.
  2. Click the Install… button at the top right, then navigate on your hard drive to the zip file you downloaded, and select it.
  3. Find the newly installed addon in the list (it should be already visible by default, or use the search box) and check the box next to it to enable it.
  4. Optional: you may have to save preferences (from the bottom of the window), if auto-save preferences is disabled, so the addon will always be enabled each time you start Blender.

Update it

Later on, to update the addon to a new version, do the same as above, but make sure the overwrite checkbox is enabled.


Once the addon is installed, up-to-date, and enabled successfully, read about the fundamentals.