Simple windows drawer

Make sure you’ve read the general notes about all the nodes.

This node draws the windows of a building facade into a texture set. It is called simple because it draws the windows as single-color rectangles, so its best used either as masks for more elaborate materials, or as is for distant views. It can draw into 2 different channels of the input texture set: albedo and emit (emit for lit windows to emit light using an emissive shader).

The node draws the windows row by row. For each row it has to decide a few values, all randomly chosen between the min and max you set:

  • the size of each window
  • the size of walls: the space between them horizontally and the space with the previous row of windows
  • the probability to skip some windows in the row

For each window it has to decide, also using the values you provide:

  • albedo color of the window
  • whether the window is lit or not, and if so, its lit color


Example albedo channel

Example emit channel

Render on a cube

With different random hues